In May 2019, I started blogging while majoring in business at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and minoring in Law, Justice, and Social Change. Growing up, I always had a love for fashion and later realized I wanted to enter the fashion industry with a business perspective.

The start of my fashion and blogging career began when I started posting style inspirations and pictures of collections from my favorite designers. My Instagram page (@bytalarmal) soon became my creative escape from my rigorous and heavy business courses. It wasn’t until the start of my sophomore year that I pursued my passion for fashion design.

After posting excerpts of my work on Instagram and receiving amazing feedback, I began to plan my first collection during my winter break in December 2019. At this time, I decided to apply to Parson's School of Design | The New School in New York City. In March of 2020, I got admitted to the program, however, due to the pandemic, I decided to dual enroll and take these courses online while pursing my business degree. During this time, I finalized designs but thought it was best to hold off on the collection until it was appropriate for safe production to take place. Throughout my production process my main focus was to support local. I found the perfect facility right in the heart of Detroit that was able to safely produce my products! It was very important for me to help a small business from my city during these difficult times. Each product from this collection is hand-picked and printed with designs that I created. The 'by talarmal' label is sewn right here in Michigan from my home office and packaged by me. 

Collection one is a tangible combination of the love I have for street style fashion and my Armenian culture. The collection's name comes from the style of fashion and the airport code for Yerevan, Armenia.

I couldn't have made this possible without the support from my family, especially my parents. They have been supportive of this idea since day one. 

A special thank you to my sister, Sanan, who has guided me through this new business venture and has been there every step of the way. Another thank you to my cousin, Nareh, for being my Creative Director and helping my brand come to life.

I hope to expand this collection and create new ones in the near future.

Can't wait to see how you style your by talarmal piece(s). 

Xo- Talar Malkadjian